Welcome! God loves you!

Our mission is to share the Good of Jesus Christ, His love, provisions and promises.

The Discovery Life Int’l Church is a Bible based church and we believe in all that the Bible says about Jesus Christ.

We are committed to helping the people the Lord brings our way to Discover Christ, their purpose in life and in Christ Jesus.  Finding God from whom we all came is paramount for us and we are strongly committed to helping people do just that.

We are concerned about the quality of life people who are made in God’s image live whether they are Christians or not.  We trust God to help us change the stories of those in need in our communities by helping to build strong and sustainable support systems for them.

We invite you to support us in the Mission!


Apostle Anthony Ifidon Esezobor

Lead Pastor.

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The Discovery Life Int’l Church

We love God. We believe in God.

Believers who share in the soon coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

The Discovery Life Int’l Church is committed to helping people who the Lord brings our way to Discover Christ, their purpose in life and in Christ Jesus.  Finding God from whom we all came is paramount for us and we are strongly committed to helping people do just that.  Apostle Anthony Ifidon Esezobor started The Discovery Life Church in January of 2022 after serving 32 long years in his former church in various capacities, including helping to pioneer some branches.

Our Mission

Changing people’s lives and stories through the love of God and the Word of God

Our Faith

We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.  We believe in the godhead.  God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  We believe in the virgin birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, we believe He died and rose again to save the world.  We believe in the Communion, the New Covenant.  We believe in working out our salvation, God helping us.  We believe that Jesus Christ is coming again.

Our Values

Godliness.  Excellence.  Honesty.  Steadfastness.

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We have received people of all races at our services through the years.

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Several ministers of God have been a blessing to us through the years.

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We are a family of people from different backgrounds and colour under one God.

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We have a number of charity projects.

Upcoming Events

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              The Discovery Life Int’l Church

Latest Articles & News from our blog

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Meet Our Lead Pastors

Welcome to renewed Hope. We hope that you’d find the resources here useful.

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Sermons for Your Growth

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