Two Types of Jesus


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March 27, 2024

Text: Matthew 15: 29-39

To the average sincere Christian there are two Jesuses.  There is the Historic Jesus.   There is also the Experiential Jesus.  The Historic Jesus is the Jesus we were told about.  The Jesus we read about.  The Jesus that we like or that we received and that is just about it.  The same way Zacchaeus heard about Jesus and wanted to see Him for who He was.  He only wanted to see Jesus.  He didn’t think there could be more.  He just wanted to see Jesus and couldn’t imagine that he could get more.  The Jesus he had heard about is the Jesus who made the headlines of his day and time.

But surprisingly, here was Jesus right in one of his rooms – sleeping over for the night!  After that unbelievable night something changed.  Take a listen to the rest of the message.